Flavors of the day

We serve only freshly made ice-cream.

We only use fresh ingredients.

That is the reason we can never tell what flavors we will serve tomorrow. You will have to come and see.

Only guarantee is it will be freshly made and delicius.

We are looking for


Have You got what it takes?

Join our cream of hard working and fun loving Rajissimo Ice-tenders.

More than just excellent icecream

...much more!

Rajissimo is freshly made icecream, but we are also

crunchy churros, Belgian wafles, rich milkshakes and a nice cup of coffee


It all started in Nyhavn. The very heart of Copenhagen. Now, the Rajissimo family, has expanded to five store location at some of the most high traffic locations in Copenhagen.


How ever, there is no need to worry. Standards os quality and service has not changed, and is still main focus of Rajissimo. All our ice-cream is being freshly made several times a day at each shop and only the most talented is being given the responsibility of becoming a Rajissimo Ice-tender.


See map below to find nearest store location.

Take away

Ice-cream cakes


We make the best ice-cream cakes in town. The quality You know - freshly made and delicious!

Freshly made - always!


We love ice-cream. Good ice-cream!

We put all of our effort in to making our ice-cream. There are a lot of little details that need to come together in order to make the very best ice-cream. We do not settle for anything less.


Produce have to be premium. No discussion. Equally important is the freshness of the ice-cream. 


That is why Rajissimo just invested in new ice-cream making machines.

They enable us to make small batches, multiple times a day right in front of our guests.


That is how we only serve freshly made ice-cream - always!

Insider dessert

The acclaimed US online magazine “Insider” paid us visit in order to write about desserts and icecream.

They instantly fell in love with our “Waffle sticks”. The story has more than 4 million views on Facebook!